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Audit of Insurance Portfolio

Very recently I was invited by CNBC, a popular business T V channel for their panel discussions on subject of Insurance. The subject of discussion was "Why the Insurance Companies do not pay claims?"

Among various other points one of the important replies from me was that most of the policies issued are confusing and consist of various legal terms, conditions and warranties for which the insured has no time to understand and/or read and/or not aware of such anomalies due to fine print in the policies. Thus at the time of the claim the insured are caught unaware -¬resulting in either denial of the claim or at the reduced settlement. We, at National Consultants, have expertise to understand, analyze and to rectify such a situation.

We therefore propose to audit and examine your insurance portfolio without obligation and will draw your attention to harmful anomalies and will suggest ways and means for improved policy wordings and terms. We shall aIso examine, in the Present context to find whether you could insure the same risks at the reduced rates, resulting in substantial savings in the Premtum.

We shall appreciate if you send over the Xerox copies of your existing insurance policies for our study and suggestion.

Portfolio insurance, audit insurance portfolio, internal audit insurance

We are experts conducting audit of insurance portfolio in Mumbai. We are familiar with all the legal terms, conditions and warranties mentioned in the policies. We have good analyzing power with respect to internal audit insurance hence we offer the best advice to our customer that sometimes enables them to acquire substantial savings through premiums.